Crystals Breathe in Freedom Consciousness

Discover the synergy between crystals and essential oils through your body's chakras, with the 7 Chakra Alchemy Stones, created by Otorongo Crystals.

In 2013, Otorongo Crystal's founder, Ari Nelson, was introduced to the profound alchemy of blending essential oils with crystals. A drop of oil was placed on a piece of petrified pinecone from Patagonia sitting in his hand.

This simple act shifted his entire experience of the crystal's harmonics. It was explained to him how placing a drop of essential oil on a stone brings the cosmic journey stored in the stone's energetic resonance into the present moment, thus allowing our current consciousness to integrate the cosmic wisdom or attunements stored inside.  

This newly discovered alchemy altered Ari's paradigm; however, it wasn'tuntil two passionate members of the Otorongo family, Arlene and Renee, shared their desire to bring crystals to the essential oil community that Crystal Alchemy was born.



What the Kit Includes:

  • A purple velvet bag.
  • 7 alchemy stones that harmonize with each of the 7 chakras.
  • 7 essential oils that align with each of the 7 chakras. 
  • An educational “How to…” card with the first of three progressive meditations.
  • Access to education about the 7 elements.
  • An info flyer on dōTERRA to simplify the process of buying the essential oils online. 
  • 7-Day Guided Meditation

"Our human consciousness is awakening to the metaphysical vibrations of our spiritual being, bringing clarity to our collective purpose as ONE consciousness."     

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